5 Slack apps to boost employee engagement

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash


Celebrating teammates’ birthdays generate massive bonding inside teams. But leverage collaboration among those who organise a celebration or a present together. BirthdayBot give teams the change to track B-days and Anniversaries, create cards and wishlist simply and inside slack.


Donut has many functionalities, but today we want to focus on one, the ‘watercooler’. In a nutshell, the watercooler will send a topic like ‘What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?’ to a specific channel, and people need to respond to it. Why we love it? It helps teams members cut the routine thinking about simple things and getting to know each other better.

Hey Taco

Who doesn’t love receiving some appreciation throughout the day? This gamification ‘Hey Taco’ not only made it easy but very fun. How does it work? Each person in a channel receives 5 “Tacos” per day, and they can use them to share a gratitude message to thank teammates for something.


Recognition is good, but recognition combined with a healthier planet sound incredible. This app helps organizations give more peer-to-peer recognition to each other and make a real impact on our planet. Indeed, Evergreen plant a tree for every seed given with recognition on the companies behalf.

Health Hero Employee

We are pretty aware that health changes are based on habits. This app is perfect for employees to make habits stick by sharing their progress, success, and achievements while adding some fun to it.



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