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Most Berlin startups use Slack as the primary communication tool, which is fantastic. Not only cause it is a very good one, but because Slack open API allows your company to explore a whole world of apps that make it even more powerful.

Today we want to share some of…

Want to help your employees to be healthier and reduce their stress during working hours? Here you can find effortless changes you can make as of tomorrow!

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Book lunchtime and water breaks:

People can often find themself with a day full of meetings and no time even for a snack. …

After one year of working from home and thousands of hours of Zoom calls and endless meetings is not a big surprise that 76% of employees affirms to have experienced burnout at least sometimes during 2020 according to Gallup studies.

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Employers are under enormous pressure to make structural changes and…


We developed a simple way to drive down workplace stress through holistic wellbeing programs. Know more about us in

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